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Tencent Video Reveals Plans to Create an Animation Slate and Tour the World with Shows

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Animation Slate

Renowned Chinese online video streaming company Tencent Video is currently trying to build on its slate of popular animation films targeted at teens and young adults and expand its titles overseas.

Tencent’s portfolio consists of both original games and IP that were adapted from popular and lucrative video games and web novels. Notable films presently under production consist of:

  • A 3D fantasy/adventure game based on the most popular MOBA game worldwide is called Honor of Kings (13 x 20′).
  • The highly successful webnovel series set in Victorian London is the inspiration for Lord of Mysteries: The Clown (13 x 35′), a 2D adventure/fantasy series.
  • The 2D fantasy/adventure series Ling Long Mountain (12 x 15′)
  • A science fiction series called Apocalypse of All Races (26 x 15′), which is based on an urban web book
  • Two sisters assume control of an enigmatic inn in the stop-motion comedy series The Loud Inn (16 x 5′).
  • Taisu Project (4 x 20′), a 2D animated anthology film series by renowned directors Shinichiro Watanabe, Shuuhei Morita, Li Wei, and Weng Ming, consists of four interconnected science-fiction tales about life and conflict.
Honor of Kings

Image credit: animationmagazine.net

According to Tencent Video, it is committing to animation for the long run because it believes the genre has a lot of untapped potential. With a sizable library of previously released material, it is actively looking for worldwide collaborators to support the realization of its goal of introducing its animation to a larger global audience. Tencent Video, which has more than 200 million viewers, is now the leading platform for teen and young adult animation in China thanks to the content that is currently available on Tencent’s Cartoon Channel.

Qing Fan, Tencent Video’s Producer and material Partnerships for Animation, says, “We feel the time is right to introduce our existing content to international audiences as it has resonated strongly with the Chinese audience.” There is a lot of skill and creative potential in the animation business, both in China and abroad. We can’t wait to wow audiences both here and outside with engrossing tales and stunning images.

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