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This autumn of 2024, the Victorian Dance Festival returns.

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Victorian Dance Festival

The Victorian Dance Festival is excitedly awaiting all dancers from April 12–14, so be ready to be amazed once more. Together with artistic director Yvette Lee, directors Dan and Deb Searle have created a setting that exudes passion and style. Dancers can anticipate two days filled with classes targeted to minis, under-13s, 14+, and full-time students & professionals hosted by instructors and educators, even though the festival will kick off with the Vitality Teacher Conference. In addition, individuals eager to attend seminars and auditions won’t want to miss IGNITE, a presentation featuring the artistic talents of companies, troupes, and schools.

Dance performance

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On Friday, the 12th, the festival will kick off with the Vitality Teacher Conference. This event will provide educators and studio owners with a chance to learn about dance health and business management while sharing a room with like-minded dance teachers. Along with honorable Australian choreographer Natalie Weir and Lucy Durack, best known for her role as Glinda in Wicked, this year’s guests also include guest speakers. There will also be workshops, seminars, and mentoring.

Dancers should keep a look out for the roster of dance instructors, which includes people who have choreographed for globally recognized movies such as Elvis, appeared on So You Think You Can Dance, made their Broadway debut, and worked with well-known companies like Nike, Apple, and MECCA. That’s correct, a plethora of experts, including Trish Squire, Alex Miedzinski, Jarryd Byrne, Trix, Luca Dinardo, Kate Wormald, Jason Coleman, and Scott Pokorny & Tim Barnes, will be motivating performers on the VDF stage this year. These dance instructors will teach courses in jazz, lyrical, showgirl/guy, tap, ballet, latin & partnering, and commercial dance, among other styles. They have a variety of dance experiences. Hence, whether you’re a devoted student or a newcomer to VDF, it’s crucial to understand that classes are divided into age groups: enjoyable Saturday sessions for all young dancers, intermediate programs for students under the age of 13, advanced and intermediate dance instruction targeted at students 14 and up, and advanced classes for professionals and full-timers eager to learn audition techniques and, of course, audition.


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Intermission is here, which means it’s time to browse the amazing dance market and expo that is guaranteed to draw large crowds once more. Put on your newly acquired dance shoes and professional attire as you walk to the food trucks to replenish your supplies and get ready for your second, third, or fourth session. If you operate a studio or are a studio teacher, you might have an eye for accessories and costumes! At our Energetiks booth, where our gorgeous VDF merchandise, newest collection, and hand-selected pieces will be on show, we would also love to see some familiar faces.

Dancers are invited to attend one of the four available auditions by VDF, which is open to both daring devils and people who just have a passion for dancing. There will be a workshop and Q&A with RWS Global and Creative Studios’ Norwegian Cruise Line, for those who want to be the best at dance while cruising on a magnificent ship. Auditioning will thereafter take place. Instructors from the renowned Joffrey Ballet School in New York will also be doing masterclass auditions. By doing so, students may secure a spot in their Trainee or Pre-Professional Program or a merit-based scholarship for summer intensives. Finally, a select group of dancers will be sought after by Tim Podesta Creative to feature in his future choreographic triptych.

 Trainee or Pre-Professional Program

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Following a full day of motivational speeches, full tote bags, dirty dancing shoes, and more, young Australian talent will be on display at the spectacular IGNITE. Scimm Dance, Jason Coleman’s Ministry of Dance, Kelly Aykers Full Time Dance, and even Patrick School of the Arts delighted the audience last year. With schools and companies scheduled to wow everyone with a variety of outstanding performances on Saturday the 13th, one can only imagine what IGNITE24 has in store.
Undoubtedly, every day will be filled with excitement, fervor, and a strong feeling of community, therefore we cordially encourage everyone to purchase tickets and join us at VDF 2024! You would not wish to be left out!

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