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Right now, where are they? The Most Recent from Three Featured Artists in the Artwork Archive:artworkarchive.com

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An artist’s career is never stagnant.It is influenced by new ideas, developing methods, and openings, which cause it to change and fluctuate.

A gifted artist is featured on Artwork Archive once a week to highlight their individual contributions to the art world, their creative processes, and how Artwork Archive supports their art companies.Careers in the arts are just as dynamic as artists themselves. It’s always wonderful to reconnect with people who have journeyed with us. Rebecca Rath, Demarcus McGaughey, and Philine van der Vegte are three past Featured Artists that we recently spoke with.

They’ve been called back to give us an update on their most recent endeavors, give us a sneak peek at what’s coming up next, and talk about how Artwork Archive is still a big part of their successful artistic careers.

Getting to Know Rebecca Rath, an Artist

Rebecca “Bec” Rath, an artist with Artwork Archive, was experimenting with her close relationship to the Australian terrain and creating work “en plen air” when we last met with her in August 2022.

With an emphasis on landscapes and environmental storytelling, Bec has since developed her unique style through a number of captivating projects and exhibitions.

Her paintings feature expressive brushstrokes and vibrant, strong hues that capture the natural, instinctive freedom of her Hunter Valley, New South Wales, home. Featured Artists

What Rebecca told us she has been doing since our last conversation is as follows:

New Initiatives, One-Man Shows, and a Climate Change Study Residency

I’ve had the good fortune to work on a variety of projects since my mention on Artwork Archive, each of which offers a distinctive investigation of landscapes and storylines.

The development of an extensive body of work that was shown in a solo exhibition at the reputable Sydney gallery Art2Muse was a noteworthy high point. The stunning Hawkesbury River, which is only thirty minutes north of Sydney, served as the inspiration for many of my pieces for this show. In the “Hawkesbury” exhibition, I used impasto paint, vigorous mark-making, and vivid colors to try and convey the spirit of this alluring river.

In honor of the Liddell Coal Power Station’s heritage in Muswellbrook, New South Wales, I also had the honor of taking part in an artist residence collective. My artistic abilities were enhanced by this experience, which also gave me a forum to investigate and discuss significant themes. Throughout the residence, I used my work to investigate important modern issues like renewable energy and climate change. My large-scale charcoal drawings of pre-made still life objects were part of this project.

My goal as an artist is to celebrate the deep connection that exists between people and the natural environment and to inspire feelings of joy and resilience.

Right now, I’m concentrating on developing a fresh body of work for an exhibition that will premiere in November at Canberra’s Grainger Gallery. The distinctive landscapes of Canberra, Australia’s capital, will be honored in this collection. By careful observation and documenting, I hope to convey its essence and give people a taste of its unique beauty and personality.

I aim to arouse thought and a sense of connection with every project I work on, encouraging viewers to get fully immersed in the landscapes I paint and consider the complex interrelationships between environment, society, and human experience.Featured Artists

Using Artwork Archive to Maintain Organization Has Been Essential to My Artist Career Success Featured Artists

Artwork Archive is a vital component of my business; it serves as my virtual personal assistant, keeping track of every facet of my creations. Artwork Archive organizes my daily creative process and effectively handles all facet of my art profession, from classifying artworks to keeping track of important information and producing invoices and other important paperwork.

I recently learned about and really enjoyed using the Private Room function on Artwork Archive. I just planned an online Studio Release, and this creative tool was really helpful. I was able to provide my mailing list clients early access to the works by sharing them with them before they were made public.

By doing this, I was able to strengthen my relationship with my important collectors and increase their interest in my work. I discovered that this method of using Private Rooms was effective and led to sales of work ahead of schedule.

Tip from the Artwork Archive for distributing your own work:

With Private Rooms, you can curate a virtual gallery of your collection just for your clientele.

It’s simple to choose your items, put together a collection, invite collaborators to a private online gallery, and even let recipients like or remark on individual pieces. Additionally, you may add password protection to your private rooms for even greater security and privacy.

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